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User perspective
  • After playing with this image editor again and again, I decided to buy it for my own photo forum...
  • This pretty tool is easy to use. I have been looking for online photo editor for my cms system, but was never satisfied until see Photocoolex...
    Ken renny
  • I cannot believe how perfect the image editor is. I am still amazed. It is fabulous. What is more, they help me install it and add my favours photo frame to the tool. I love it!

Photocoolex Ajax Online Image Editor - Open Source

It's a totally free web based script. TRY IT ONLINE NOW!

It provides WYSIWYG way to enables users to
  • Upload file from local file system or remote url
  • Resize, crop, rotate, mirror images or photos
  • Add text with various font, color, size at any point of image/photo
  • Overlay images, avatars
  • Picture frame or add a mask
  • Convert, sharpen, color tone
  • Near 10 filters available, including gray scale, negate, edge detect, embosses, gaussian blur, blur, mean removal and smooth
  • Unlimited steps of redo/undo
  • Jpeg, gif, png file formates supported
  • Muti-language supported
  • Pure script, no activeX, no flash.

How To Install Photocoolex Ajax Online Image Editor?

Follow these steps to install
  • This image editor software requires PHP5.24+ and Apache 2.0+. I highly recommend Blue host if you are using a shared host
  • Download the latest Photocoolex package
  • Unzip it to a directory, say %Photocoolex%
  • Change variable
    BASEURL and BASEPATH in %Photocoolex%\imglib\core\class.image.config.unix.php
    if you are using *nix server
  • Change variable
    BASEURL and BASEPATH in %Photocoolex%\imglib\core\class.image.config.win.php
    if you are using windows server
  • Make sure you %Photocoolex%\imglib\working is writable if you are using *nix server.
  • Go to your http://domain/%Photocoolex%/index.html to see the result